Transsexual pre-op, non-op, post-op

Transsexual pre-op, post-op, non-op – Sex change and feminization

What does it have in common these 3 girls and Transsexual pre-op, post-op, non-op? These girls are male to female transgender. Are they not all beautiful and sexy women? I like trans women non-op, I’m not with my ts girlfriend to fulfil a fantasy, I truly do love her, and, of course, I like the fact that she is non-op in intimacy. I love her femininity, and to me, she is not less woman than any other one. But, do you know for sure what I’m talking about? I bet most of you don’t! Because sometimes people take too literally some definition, without knowing well its real meaning, and leaving important details out.

Let’s put for example, that you are a man and you want to meet a transexual, but you know nothing of what I mentioned till now. You don’t want to commit an impair on your first date right? Let me help you to make it easier.

Being in the condition of pre-op, post-op or non-op, It’s all about one specific thing, SEX CHANGE.

But what does it really mean sex change? If you are a man new to the game of transsexual dating, you may get easily confused. And it gets even more complicated when transsexuals girls don’t know it too! Do you both want to date the right partner? I bet You do! Who doesn’t? Let me share with you what I learned all these years of relationships with transsexuals women.

The confusion about transsexual looking and sex change

confusion-transexual-sexchange-feminizationIntroduction. According to the title topic, precisely, sex change for transsexuals it’s intended to replace her most intimate part, her genitalia. This is a very delicate matter that should never be underrated for many different reasons, which we will see in the next paragraphs.

If you are a man into transsexual dating, you shall be aware of what’s following, especially for a long-term love relationship. Even you t-girls! Besides, being well-informed will be not just a heartbreaking saver, but will help out men to understand how different is dating transsexual girls compared to genetic women. And most of all, you will even prove yourself of being not the classic lusty one after mere fantasies. That your knowledge is based NOT only on porn and other bullshits.

Nobody wants to get hurt, neither wasting time on each other right?

What makes a transsexual look like a woman?

Sex change and feminization

When I started to date transsexual girls, I didn’t even know there could be a different type of transgender. I just knew they were transgender male to female, and I was attracted to them. Let’s be frank, I guess a major part of you, the first time you have seen a transsexual, has been on shemale porn websites. On these sites, usually, you will see transsexual pre-op or non-op. Which means, they still have their male genitalia. But to be a transsexual pre-op, non-op, post-op, has nothing to do with their feminine look. These three different conditions don’t make her less or more feminine. So what is this sex change? Confusing right? I know it sounds a bit ambiguous… It is correct to speak about feminization.

Feminization, what this means in concrete?

Asian Transgender Feminization MtF Progress Over Time

Transition MtF – Feminizations Progress Over Time

How feminine, and then passable a woman will look like a transsexual girl, depends on different factors. Is not just dressing like a woman and makeup, and don’t mistake them for crossdresser.

Let’s see some shortly. The feminization process is the slow and long path that will make a t-girl look like a woman. Feminization has nothing to do with the sex change, which is the sexual reassignment surgery or SRS male to female. As a note, in recent times the SRS has been better known as Gender Confirmation Surgery in the transgender community.

Feminization is also called transition, which begun with injections or taking pills of female hormones, the female estrogens. These so-called hormonal cures ( therapy ) will give them smooth skin, a fresh look, little boobs, and with time (months/years) more feminine features developed.

Though, some transsexuals may look more feminine than others. Why? Some people have a hybrid androgyny look, ambiguous, between male/female ( I will write a more detailed article on this matter). And this gift of nature is what makes a trans woman look naturally feminine.

The first thing that a transsexual woman wants is to look the most feminine possible. Unfortunately, not all transsexual girls have been gifted by nature with a female androgyny look. The androgyny ones will have a petite body, not so hairy, feminine voice and so on. Sometimes hormones, makeup, feminine clothes could be not enough to give her enough self-confidence or self-acceptance or satisfaction as a lady look.

Then, some transgender girls will undergo cosmetic surgery to align the look with their female gender identity. Why? For example, hormones can’t make huge boobs, or perfect legs and hips. Breast implants and hip enhancement are the top lists of what a transsexual woman wish most. There are other applications like face feminization, and even a little operation to have a female voice.

In short, these are the most common feminization process that a transsexual will go through.

Transsexual pre-op, post-op, non-op

Being in any of these three different conditions doesn’t make her more beautiful or passable as a woman. Determinate very different situations in intimate life depending on which one you are going to end.

This is a very crucial topic that not many give due importance to at times. It happens among transsexual girls, and of course to men not well-informed. I guess some questions and doubts will be going in your mind now. I will tell you which are the possible scenario you may end up, depending on which girl you are courting. The same goes for transsexual girls looking for the right men.

Transsexuals Pre-op male to female

The pre-op condition, usually lasts for a long time. The precise meaning of transsexual pre-op stands for pre-operative. Means are waiting to undergo the sex-change operation, known as SRS or sex reassignment surgery. This process consists of creating a neovagina with her male genitalia reconstruction. Then, if you like to have a versatile intimate relationship with a pre-op transsexual, you shall be aware of this intention about her.

Usually, but not always the case, pre-op ts doesn’t want to receive any attention on her male genitalia. She may feel uncomfortable, and shy. That’s why she wants to undergo this surgery operation. Though it is required great determination, and it takes long preparation indeed. Psychological and economically speaking. Note that, not all pre-op transex girls will go through this deep change, some actually will never undergo the SRS for these reasons, and this will make them fall into the transsexuals non-op category.

Note: There is also another surgery operation, we will see that in the next paragraph about transsexual post-op.

Transsexuals post-op

Jenna Talackova Transgender Transexual Post-Operation

Jenna Talackova – Miss Canada 2012, is an American Transexual Post-Op

That’s how is called a transsexual woman who has done the SRS. Post-operation means after the sex change. That means she has now a vagina. There is a common conviction that being post-op is equal to being more beautiful than other transsexuals. Why? Let’s explain why people think that way. It’s true that most famous transsexual models, very often are incredibly beautiful. Right for some celebrity as Jenna Talackova, who won Miss Canada in 2012. Another VIP and beautiful Asian TS is Geena Rocero, who did SRS at 19 and became a world fashion model.

Now, take note that all the earlier cosmetic applications I mentioned, have an enormous economic ask. Sex reassignment surgery (sex change) is the most expensive one and is always the FINAL STAGE of transition.

Then you can guess by yourself now that, if someone managed to undergo SRS, has done for sure all the earlier beauty applications and feminization processes. Indeed, for these reasons, she will look very feminine and beautiful. But it’s not always the case. There are as well beautiful transsexual models, famous and fine without sex change, living a normal life with their male genitalia. Simply they accepted the nature of transsexual women. These are the transsexual non-op.

To be totally fair, transsexual non-op needs to be equally determinate and very self-accepting. Why am saying this? Because transsexuals who are non-op can’t have all the privileges and respect in the society like post-op. Because they are not hiding their true genetic nature under a document. It takes a strong woman as well to stand all the contemporary discrimination in the society we are living.

Depending on where you are living, or where you choose to have the surgery, the cost for SRS is about 15.000$ or more in Thailand. Even more expensive in some westerner countries. Though, there are countries like Italy where the surgery is paid by the government if you give the required documentation and get approved.

Geena Rocero Trans Transgender post-op

Geena Rocero – Fashion Model – Asian Transsexual Post-Op

Bilateral Orchiectomy – another sex reassignment surgery

In some countries you are eligible to have reassigned your gender on ID documents as FEMALE, undergoing the bilateral orchiectomy surgery. This operation consists to have removed your testicles.

Sex change: comparison between SRS and Orchiectomy

With the orchiectomy surgery, You still have erectile functions. Though you can’t have anymore your orgasm through ejaculation of course. You will still have to use hormones too. This is sure a less heavy compromise compared to the full sex change with an artificial vagina.

On the other hand, the neovagina doesn’t have all the natural functions of a biological/genetic one. You can’t have children, there is not period, and you will have to use lube when you have sex. Even orgasm isn’t like real genetic genitalia. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t live a nice life being post-op transsexual. There are so many happy ts post-ops out there who are married, with a successful career and happy, healthy life.

Transsexual non-op

Ladyboy from Thailand Non-op Transexual

Nisamanee Nutt – Thai Ladyboy Non-op

And now we get to the third category, the transsexual non-op. That means they don’t have plans to change sex and undergoing sex-change surgery. They are just fine with their native genitalia (though, they will want the boob job, hips and butt enhancement and other cosmetic surgery ). Being a Tgirl non-op means being right the opposite of transsexual post-op. As you know, full sex change is a compromise where there is no way to go back. The problem is that not all transsexual girls are truly aware of all the consequences and what it takes. Some may just want it to end frustrating and sad cases of discrimination. Some instead because they can’t live in peace with their male genitals. Though…

Personally, I find this law requests to get the female gender on ID documents inhuman.  Ask mutilating your body of sane part, is not a civil request, but barbarian and obsolete. But for many TS, this change means to earn finally the so-called ” license to live “. But with such severe compromise? I don’t think is right…

Now, we know that Not all transsexual girls absolutely wants to undergo this profound change. Some may do it just to end once for all the discriminations and to earn some privileges. Like marriage for example and many others. Even though you are so feminine and passable that nobody could tell when you show your documents. There start problems again. I admire transex non-op for the fact they stand all of this.

I believe that accepting your nature as a trans woman, need some more courage compared to post-op. Right because you will still have to face not pleasant situations when you have to tell your sex assigned at birth. Transsexual girls non-op are totally fine with their genitalia and accepting their transgender nature. They are not less than any other woman.

The importance of intimate relationship – Conclusion

If you are a man who likes versatile intimacy, you get by yourself now, the best partner for you is a non-op transsexual. It could also be a pre-op if she is still not sure to undergo SRS. Sometimes both of us are not aware of all these details. If you look for example at some dating site for transsexuals, you’ll find some transgender who is pre-op but doesn’t have a plan for SRS.

TIPS: Use tact, and try to find the right occasion to introduce this delicate topic. I know it could be embarrassing on the first date, but it is a necessary matter, that two adults need to discuss. It’s imperative when it comes to the relationship between men and transsexuals. Being aware of all these differences will avoid you both disappointment, miss understanding. And possibly, will help you out to know the partner that could be the right match for you.

This is it, see you next and remember to sign up my newsletter to keep in touch! Feel free to leave a comment as well, I’ll be glad to hear your opinion and reply to you.

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  1. I see, that your website needs unique and fresh articles. I’m glad to see a man who is not shy or ashamed to share his story with a transexual, while many would keep it secretly because they are afraid of what people may tell of their sexual preferences.

    Keep it going, it is an amazing blog and I love your stories.

    • Thanks, Kisha
      Thanks for the appreciations.
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