Men Like To Date Transexuals Women

9 Proven Reasons Why Men Like to date Transexuals women

I know what you are probably thinking, but No! This blog post is not about lust and dirty talks! Yes, I’m a trans lover, and I date transgender and trans women exclusively. I’m about to share with you 9 pure and realistic reasons which I believe turn men to like transexual girls more than genetic women.

And who am I to tell you this? Let me introduce myself shortly. My name is Andrea ( in Italy is a male name ), and I’m just a regular guy like many out there, but I always had a weak for T-girls more than genetic women. I knew deep inside myself that having a special fianceé was what I wanted (read more about my story). One day, I decided to liberate myself of all paranoias and date a TS.

Since then, I’ve collected many experiences, and here I’m going to share with you what turned me into a Trans Lover.

Experiences? NO, I never dated sex workers, and I’m not a sex freak just to begin with. I always dated them in the good old way. As a matter of evidence, currently, I’m in the longest love relationship I ever had with my sweet transsexual girlfriend, who is Filipina, and we are living together as all people who love each other do. The 9 reasons I’m giving you are all based on facts and personal experiences.

9 Proven Reasons Why Men Like to date Transexuals women

What might be the reasons that turn a man attracted to transexual women more than genetic ones? They say that

Women are from Venus and Men from Mars

and then there are the Transgender

It is a fact that we men, the so-called strong sex, in love matters tend to be more practical and rational,  while women are more often about feelings and romance, isn’t it?

Why you will love having a transsexual girlfriend

Transexual are women, by mind and soul, and have a heart that knows to love, but what makes them unique and extraordinary is that

They Share The Best of Both Worlds

That’s a sentence that you may have heard already here and there, and having a TS girlfriend is a unique experience. Here is what I believe are the most valid 9 Reasons that make Men attracted  to Transexuals women

#1 Transexual women happen to be sexier than genetic girls

sexy-trans-aida-brazil-transexualLet’s be frank, we are all attracted by beauty, and when a girl adds that bit spice and sexiness, men easy lose their mind. And trans women happen to be incredibly sexy. Isn’t it? Is this not the first reasons that make us men attracted to transexuals? Come on… Moreover, they happen to be hotter and so feminine than many genetic girls out there, because they have to put extra efforts to be attractive ( See Transition & HRT MtF ).

They take extremely good care of their look and body, developing a great taste for fashion and makeup, and being in direct competition with genetic girls; they like to be seductive, giving them this aura of sex bomb, turning men crazy

#2 Trans girls may give more sincere love

The major part of transsexuals girls are longing for genuine love, and a lifetime partner more than genetic female. Why? It is sad but true, for these girls, it’s not easy to find a brave man and open-minded enough willing to engage with a T-girl. Due to the social stigmas, discriminations and public opinion related to different sexual orientations and gender identity, and because they can’t give children.

For these reasons, they tend to be more genuine when it comes to love matters.

#3 Transsexual Girls are Rare

Like the adage “that everything that is rare is valuable”, transsexual women count for the 1% of world population, and that makes them desirable. That’s why a lot of men are curious and intrigued by the women of the third gender.

And what is rare and unique, is often seen also cool. Take a look at the Glamour places and clubs in Europe, as in London, Paris, Madrid or Berlin where in recent years being LGBT is even considered trendy!

#4 T-girls knows how to please their man

Regarding intimacy, sexually intended, T-girls knows very well how to please a man because they know male anatomy as much as you do. For direct experience, I can say it; T-girls know how to please a man more than genetic girls. Often more open-minded and ready to explore the erotic part of your relationship.

#5 Trans women have a high sexual appetite

Is known, one particular thing that differentiates men from women is our greater sexual desire. Our testosterone pushes hard on the brain, setting our high libido (or more commonly said, high sex drive) and what makes men predators. Trans women share a similar sex appetite as men do.

Of course, it’s a subjective matter; every person is different, but if your transsexual girlfriend is pre-op or non-op (means she still has her male genitalia) there are still some degree of testosterone even being on HRT (Transition with female hormones). And is likely she share a similar sexual appetite.

#6 Transgender women are more available for intimacy

Unlike genetic girls, transsexuals women do not have the period (not even the post-op), and then they are more available for intimate moments.

#7 Trans women can’t have an unexpected pregnancy

Even though it is always recommendable to practice safe sex with occasional partners, in particular with LGBT people,  you will not have the risk of an unplanned pregnancy. That’s maybe sad when you wish to make a family, especially for transgender ladies. But we should also look at the good sides of it. When you finally decide to have a baby, it will be a matured decision by both in the couple pursuing the adoption process.

The fear of unforeseen pregnancies is no longer a problem.

#8 T-Girls are fun to be with

It is likely a young t-girl would rather have tea at noon with her friends, while boys may rather playing hot wheels and soccer; your transgender girlfriend may share with you many passion and hobbies more than most genetic girls. Because of the early stage they have been raised as a boy, they usually like to playing video games, watching football matches, and so on just like you do. As well going to party and drinking a lot, music, dancing, and some could have a surprisingly feminine voice at singing as much as Celine Dion ( power belts ) or dancing skills as Beyoncé.

#9 Transexual Women Shares The Best Of Both Worlds

sampaio-aida-transessuale-tranny-transexTo sum it up, trans women and transgender girls shares “the best of both worlds”, they happen to be so feminine, beauty and sexy, combining qualities of the male and female side, which I find it more pleasant and makes me preferring them over genetic women. Not for a case in recent years, even media and papers have labelled the transgenders as the so-called third gender.

And If you had the occasion to chat with transexuals girls, some are even proud of such slogans.

How did you found my typical stereotyped reasons?

Does it make sense to you? Could you add more than my 9 Proven Reasons Why Men Like to date Transexuals women? I would like to know your opinion and personal experience. Feel free to leave a comment on the box below.

Special thanks to my friend Aida for the pics 🙂

Model: Aida Sampaio, Brazil-Italy

And you? What do you think about Men Like To Date Transexuals women? Let me know in the comments!

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Andrea Del Riva, Italian man, 39 years, digital nomad, trans oriented man, I stand for transgender right. I love Asia and my sweet ladyboy girlfriend. Im the author of this website and other blogs related to transsexual dating. I'm the author of third gender blog dedicated to Asian t-girls at Ladyboy Travel Date . I also collaborate with: Transsexual Date Online project.


  1. It’s true what you said. Iam married for 10 yrs. It bothered me, because I was driving the car with my wife and kids, and I see a women that is transgender but gorgeous and sexy looking once and looked again, my wife said everything ok, I said yes. But in my mind I was saying wow.

    • I can relate in the other way. Try to hang out with a TS girlfriend and stare at other trans women, the situations is kinda similar ( but jealousy )

  2. I have read some of the things said in the article and do agree with everything that your saying about transgendered women. (Especially about pre-ops. I my self am a t-women lover. But I do have them as friends. But I have not gone no farther than that. I wanted to know how to go beyond just being friends with them? Mind you I am not experienced in that degree with these beautiful ladies. Because to be honest with I,m still learning about some of this stuff myself. Plus I,ve been attracted to them for over 20yrs.

    • My apologies for late reply Groniel.

      What may help is indeed getting better informed about the LGBT culture and community, for self-awareness and confidence. I told a bit of my personal story, on some paragraph on the “about me” page of this blog.

      I hope it helps 🙂
      Feel free to write me an email, I’ll be happy to hear your story Groniel 😉

      • wonderful article. nothing I disagreed with now to just a few others. one being there desire to be loved and respected as fem makes them more accessible the gg s. two that there I plenty of t girls wanting to be the perfect partner and do try harder. three they know what turns a man on and what keeps him interested and happy obvious advantage. four I dont think a penis is that important its the mind set. five these are desirable people, fascinating, interesting and less game playing. thats just a few

  3. Dear Andrea,
    I am also a trans-oriented man. This is so funny, I just finished writing a comment to a video titled “I’m attracted to Trans Woman. Am I gay?” This is a video put out by the “My Ladyboy Date” site. Very well done and very informative!! Anyway, after I wrote how I felt about Transsexual woman I started reading your story here about the 9 Reasons. Andrea….I finally came to the realisation that I was attracted to trans woman ( and actually coming to terms with it within myself!) at the age of about 50. I’m now 55. I seriously hope I’m not too late !! To find another trans girlfriend. Andrea EVERTHING you wrote about here is SO true and right on track!!! I commend you!! It’s funny because it was very similar to my comment from the video and after reading your article it made me extremely happy that I’m thinking properly!!! I’ve spoken with many Trans woman on the site I spoke about previously and I think I have found a genuine and honest, true to her heart and mine woman. The problem is that she is in the Philippines and I’m here in the U.S.

    I can’t afford to fly there to visit her Andrea and I’m pretty sure she can’t afford to come here currently. I told her we will try to save our money and perhaps she can get a Visa to come visit. We are going to attempt to save enough between us so she can come here to the U.S.

    Andrea, if you have any suggestions or thoughts about my situation that could perhaps help us to be together sooner or any better methods I would be very grateful !!! Thank you for all you do to arace awareness for Transsexual woman and the LGBT Community. I wish you all the Happiness, Joy and Love you deserve !!! Thank you for your time Andrea !!!

    Most Respectfully,

    Francis X. McPhillips.

    • You welcome Francis. Appreciations, but mostly stories like your shared here, Francis, gives me further inspiration to do what do I do on my blogs. You know? Things often start this way, you finally meet a day someone so “special”, both feel each other, and wish to be together ASAP. That’s the feeling that moves a great energy, a catalyzer that makes us work in order to turn our dreams into reality. I see myself years ago while reading your story, Francis. Indeed, for you, it is easier to get the VISA, which is basically just booking a roundtrip fly ticket for 20 days in PH, and you don’t need additional documents ( just the passport and a small fee to pay at your arrival in PH, it is possible to stay even more, about 2 years with a tourist VISA.). If you need some specific advice/tip, just write me an email, and let’s see 🙂

  4. I too love trans women but only pre ops. I live in illinois and i see pretty ones downtown from head to toe. So gorgeous. My attraction to them are secret amongst friends but i love them

  5. I am a transsexual lover I am going out with one I got into transsexuals in my 20’s and my women where not together I would find a another transsexual to be with my women is the only transsexual I have ever been with and I can only see myself with a transsexual

  6. I found your writing educational. I enjoyed reading it and I shared it. I myself have told a few select women in my life about this. I live in a small town with a redneck type attitude, i know it’s becoming more and more acceptable, but I’m 44 so my generation and i feel many of my friends would view me different cause they don’t understand and all of the other ignorant stigmas that come with it. I’ve been talking to one Transgender woman for whom I really enjoy the building of our friendship, only draw back is she does live quite a ways away. I enjoy sharing with her and she knows how i think. Thank you for your article and I hope to learn more and see more of what you write.

    • I can relate a lot, Tony. I also come from a small town where the gossip runs so quick and everybody knows other’s business. Usually, the mentalities in the province tend to be conservative, and I understand your concerns about your friends and people. Sometimes, moving abroad is something that we would never consider while being so used to our routine back in our home country. But I learned myself that we must be open to possibilities to find happiness and the unthinkable turns out to be the right thing. To me, it paid off greatly, and I don’t regret anything I did. I moved in Asia and started a new chapter of my life years ago. Here mentalities and culture are different, and LGBT citizens do not suffer discriminations as much as in some westerns countries.

      Thanks for your sharing, Tony!

    • I read this wondering if your reason were they same as they reason why I love trans and I must say you are 100% spot on i also might add that trans girlfriends and trans girls are less like to use you in any way. In my experience the girls I have been with both trans and normal girls I like both by the way but i have fpund as you and many other said to be mpre honest and trust worthy. Myself i found from early on around 7/8 have always thought and wanted a trans girlfriend whom I could marry and make my wife and hope to be lucky enough one day to have that in my life as younsaid best of both worlds. In truth I have found someone not too long who i think the world of and in my head and in my heart i think of her as perfect she is trans pre opt and don’t want her to change unless she wishes too and i hope that one day all going well will hopefully be my wife one day her name is Britney I never meet anyone like her no normal girl can stand next to a trans girl i think..Trans are better in so many ways i belive they hotter funnier more relatable and down to eath and can keep up with a high sex drive as most males have. By the way I will update later on if we get married and Andrea If we do I will thank you because if I hadn’t read your 9 reason why guy like trans girl and also with you also saying about your self with your feelings for trans I would velive that i was the only one

  7. Hi i asbolutely love my tranny girl. My heart races thinking of her kissing her living her. It is awesome, i love her so much. She puts me in place when i mess up i believe she truely loves me. I just cant get enough of her what s great expetience

  8. I love my ts babe.. So sexy..So hot..So fine..She is the most beautiful woman ever..To me anyway..Makes generic women just look awful..

  9. so what are straight guys supposed to do who come from straight catholic families? how are we supposed to meet these kind of women?

    • The question is, for all men, are you man enough to date a trans woman? But for an advice, if you know that your parents are so conservative, there is no need to tell it right away. They say that everything falls in the right place at the right time. Then, in such situation, it is recommendable to take the things slowly and wait for the right moment. A good idea is, if you willing to introduce your transsexual girlfriend to your family, wait first that they appreciated her as a person, without prejudice, then, when you will feel that it is the right moment to give an explanation it might be not so dramatic as doing it with a cold shot.

      Wisdom beforehand, debate the matter with your TS girlfriend, if she loves you, she will help you to make the right choice.

      But what matter most, it is your happiness, it is your life, not their. Don’t let allow dictate who you should be happy with, and you will have no regrets.

  10. Being with a transwoman isnt being gay, being gay is when a man is attracted to manness/men .. transwomen are genetic males who are female inside.. being with a transwoman just means your straight, as she is also being into you, a man. Thus your into transwomen means your attracted to female and the feminine, thus your straight, and as previously mentioned above.. love you all, and good luck out there finding true love with the transladies.. i know were looking for it too?

  11. I’m at T girl and I agree with everything that said here. The main problem we have as tgirls is the stereo typical terms most guys that are homophobic tend to use for us . As for homophobic it is all bunk. My relationships with men I consider to be completely normal and heterosexual. I’m not a man, I think, act, and dress as a female.

    • Welcome, Heather.

      There is indeed a lot of misleading information over general media and wrong stereotypes. What we can to fix it is providing alternative sources of information and pieces of evidence to disband misconceptions. In my little, decided to give my contribute with this blog. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. I love your blog and I have shared this page with a new boyfriend,

    My bf is in his mid-fifties and has only ever been with cis-women – I’m his first ever trans-girlfriend.

    I had to laugh at your writing that transwoman are more feminine and seductive. The bf often says to me that my photos attracted him initially (and no guys they weren’t nudes!), when we met face-to-face on a date it was my femininity that blew him away as he never had a cis-girlfriend who was so feminine. These days he laughingly says he thought he seduced me but now knows better lol.

    Anyway, its nice to read something nice about Transwomen for a change.

    Hugs, Emily

    PS And guys, the partners might not understand Gender Dysphoria when we get it bad, but they do know how to show empathy and lift our spirits when GD makes us feel down 🙂

  13. I’m trying to find a Tlady for the reasons you have described but it’s so hard to gain their trust and get them to come in from the cold because many have been treated as sex objects and not ladies. I’m looking for one as a life partner to treat her as the lady she deserves to be treated as. Also it’s so hard to find places to meet tree them but your article is spot on

  14. Hi there I am a woman I have read all your posts and replys and would like to ask some advice. My boyfriend of over 6years and is at a big age has recently been so honest amd has explained he couldn’t say it me for months for trying to understand it himself.. Even now he having trouble and Iove him so much more so telling me.
    He is not attracted to men but he very much finds trans women.. Men with a cock very much attractive. He has explained he does not like men who look like men or men tht dress as women but still looks like a man. And by no means at all want to fuck a man or find them attractive. But he is very attracted to trans women and has said he has said he finds he wants to suck a trans cock and balls! Mainly appealing but is tht they look like a women. (please excuse my bluntness). He finds its the them looking like women but have a cock appealing. They have to look like women.
    I have listened and asked him to show me pics of what he likes and he has even told me he masterbates to pics (stills not vids). I am being open minded and love that he has been so honest.
    He also very much wants me to have the experience with him.
    He is not sure tht if in person he would feel the same.
    What advice would u give us both..

    • Hello Leanne
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for the honesty. Allow me to say that, you guys seem to have an enviable chemistry. Being open to sexuality to one another is also crucial to solve insecurities and concerns for the health of your relationship Exploring our own sexuality helps us to better understand who we are and what we really want, or not. I’ve been there in the past, so I can understand what you guys are going trough. The best advise I can give, is to find out in real, and have the experience. Being a very personal and sensitive matter, I’d invite you to write me private message trough email.
      Look for the contact page on my site for emails. 🙂

  15. I haven’t met one trans-woman who is more feminine than a XX born woman.
    T-girls are not universally more attractive and I disagree with the article and it’s reasoning being completely subjective and not based on anything but the authors opinion.

    • Come over where I’ve been living for the past ten years, and I’ll prove you wrong! With that being said, we are all entitled to our opinions. I’ve never implied that “This or That” is “universally better” as you conveniently assume, for obvious reasons. What is undeniable, is that there are trans women who have attractive characteristics to many men. The article simply highlights which may be.
      All the best! 🙂

  16. I am a lesbian and I fall in love most with trans girls. I’m on Instagram as ivy.magana if any transbians want a girlfriend. Reading this article made me cry because I’m in love with a trans girl right now and all this made me think of her but she won’t leave her wife for me and I just want her so bad to hold and love and choke on her dick.

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