My transsexual girlfriend

My true story with a transsexual girlfriend

Do you have a transsexual girlfriend? Or dreaming of having one? You are just like me. My name is Andrea Del Riva, an Italian man who happened to recognize that his best partner in life was to have a transsexual girlfriend.

Here is now a little bit of my story

I dated transsexual girls, I have been in a love relationship with different types of t-girls. Local transgender in my country, and Asian ladyboys. I can honestly say that I truly loved them all, even though,  there are men who see trans women as nothing more than an adventure.

On the other hand, there is also a substantial number of men out there who shares the same attraction. From young to mature dreaming something that goes beyond mere lust. Something that goes on deep and genuine feelings.

That emotion called LOVE.

Are You Man Enough to Date a Trans Woman?

But loving a special woman is not that simple. Having a transsexual girlfriend is not something that everybody is ready to take on a serious stage. It takes an open-minded and courageous man, strong enough to stand and not mind the stares of ignorant people and social discriminations.

If you are still bothered by that, don’t worry my fellow trans lover, it is something that you can learn to overcome with time. More than most when you finally meet that someone special.

 Falling in Love…

That Powerful Feeling That Can Make You Overcome The Unthinkable

Trans girls dream of love as every human being in this world, just like you. But for the reasons that most of you know, this dream for some it is nothing more than a mirage.

It happens to trans lovers like me and transgender ending up being negative and depressed by what society dictates. Because of how society defines what a normal couple is!

But thanks to God, I’m seeing in recent years positive changes! Just past 2016 in my country, Italy, was finally approved the Civil Union Law. Countries that are opening to hire transgender and trans women to their companies. More and more trans advocates shouting loud for their rights. This new decade is surely showing off significant positive changes, step forwards for transgender people, which will also benefit men who love them.

And who knows? Maybe also thanks to people like me who come out with their stories publicly as I do? Yes, you are not alone!

My true story with a transsexual girlfriend

On My transsexual girlfriend, you can find more than my personal stories. Actually, I shared mostly what I know on the topic that I believe can be useful to my fellow trans lovers. And for all those men who are willing to follow my path of finding a transsexual girlfriend. Somehow a guideline for…

  • How to find and meet the TS lady of your dreams
  • How you can overcome the challenges of having a Transsexual Girlfriend
  • Practical pieces of advice to avoid that you commit the mistakes I did

Yes, even if you are successful with biological women, it doesn’t imply that you’ll be automatically successful with trans ladies too. Believe me. Chances are that you’ll get eliminated in the first minutes when approaching a trans woman for the first time.

That’s what usually happens when you have zero experiences in TS dating.

How does it feel to have a transsexual girlfriend?

Having a trans girlfriend is somehow freeing yourself. Removing the fears of the other’s opinion and living your life to the fullest. It makes me also proud because I know how many men have the same dream and don’t dare! But I did it! And I never felt happier in life like before. Since I’m in a love relationship with my girlfriend my life has never been so meaningful and positive as it is today.

I stopped forcing myself to live as society wants me, and I told myself, just like in the song, cit. Bon Jovi

I’ts my life, and it’s now or never

I couldn’t keep cheating myself, and I couldn’t lie to my partner and hide.

Did I recognize I was gay?

Nope, I don’t find myself gay because my GF is trans, even though for a long time I was confused. Why? Well, this answer needs a dedicated article, I’ll write it soon (update follow the link). I felt that way, because of my culture lack, information and awareness. Some fortunate encounters and coincidences changed my life.

Maybe was destiny? Karma? Who knows, what I can tell you now my friend, is that you are not alone! This is one of the reasons why I made this blog. Because I know it is a good thing to do, and I bet you will now feel better and possibly even smiling knowing this! 😉

And remember that…

It’s your life, it’s now or never

Note 2017: This was the first post of my new English blog, dedicated to all trans-oriented men like me, and trans women who dream to find love, or just finding a friend who accepts you for who you are.

Feel free to share your thoughts! Leave a comment and feel free to ask any questions!

Did you felt inspired? Want to give a try to find your transsexual girlfriend? If so, I can address you on the right way to meet transsexuals online 

Read all carefully, and I hope your love dreams will become real as mine 🙂

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